The 3 R’s – REHOME, REUSE, RECYCLE are important to us here at Little Globus and are a huge step towards protecting the environment we live in. We do not support consumerism, we stand for REDUCING consumption by buying less cheap stuff and investing only in great quality footwear and clothing made of natural and eco-friendly materials.

We stock premium quality footwear and clothing that last long. They really DO stand the test of time!

Why not make them live longer if your children have grown up of it? Many of Kiwi families who less fortunate need YOUR help!

If you have footwear or clothing from Little Globus in good conditions and you don’t have family or friends to pass on to, please bring it back to us!  We will re-home your goods to the families in need.

What will you get for your kindness?

$10 OFF for a pair of shoes

$5 OFF for a piece of clothing

Redeem only in our showroom at 105 Great South Rd, Epsom, open on Fridays from 11 am – 2 pm & Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm or during weekdays by appointment 

Footwear and clothing should be CLEANED and WASHED and in good conditions to wear by another child safely.

We ALL can make a difference!